laira: (artemis)
2011-04-25 12:26 pm

Getting to Know the Gods

According to my Classical Mythology Deck, one gets to know the Gods as one would a friend - by interacting with them. I have been doing this in the manner of daily votive offerings, hymns, and prayers. However, in order to go a bit deeper, today, I am going to start using this deck to further my knowledge of the Gods and concentrate on my interactions with them. It may help me learn something about myself as well.

I am going to start by using only the Olympians cards. Each week, I will focus on one God or Goddess.

This Weeks's Card:
Daughter of Zeus and Leto
Virgin Goddess
Symbols - bow and arrow, crescent moon, dogs, deer
Keyword - wildness

Artemis is commonly known as Potnia Theron (Mistress of the Beasts). She lived in forests and on mountains with the animals who roamed there. She is depicted as a wild, untamed Goddess, roaming (never staying idle - like the moon). Her main interest is the hunt. She has no pity for women who give in to love. She is rejecting of traditional roles. Artemis can be vindictive, causing many to suffer her anger. There will be punishment for any perceived disrespect of her. She is the Goddess of sudden disease and death. Festivals for Artemis included same sex worship in men and women.

Today I ponder the affirmation of Artemis:
" I embrace and learn from the untamed or unconditioned aspects of myself."