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Last week, I began the process of becoming more familiar with the Olympians using my Classical Mythology deck. My first draw was Artemis. I was to ponder embracing and learning from the untamed/ unconditioned parts of myself.

I have to admit, though I learned about Artemis, I just was not making that much of a connection. For one thing, Artemis is a virgin goddess. She is all about woman-power - a real feminist, if you will. She doesn't need some man hanging around! She can take care of herself, thank you very much! It is not much like me, I will say. I like guys hanging around! Also, if they want to take care of me - have at it! I am not much of a nature - nut, either. I guess, one thing I did think about was making more time to get outside, which I did on the one nice day we had during the past week! I even took my dog (think of Artemis!). It was very enjoyable, this quiet time with my animal friend just wandering in the sun. I will have to do this more! Maybe Artemis taught me to spend some time on my own, more than presenting a lesson on embracing my "wild side." You never know what the message will be...

This week I drew...
Ares (very interesting, since I have been struggling with my own rage!)
son of Zeus and Hera
attended by Deimos (Fear)and Phobos (Terror), as well as Eris (God of Manliness)
Aphrodite's lover (their offspring was Harmonia)
Symbols - armour, helmet, wolf, green woodpecker

God of War, raw, destructive energy...God of Rebellion. He punishes the violation of oaths. His brute force is restrained by the intelligent power of Heracles and the wisdom of Athena.

Look to Ares if you fight for your beliefs, are honest to a fault, are faithful and courageous (balanced energy). Unbalanced, his energy could lead to violence and a destructive temper, arrogance and willfulness. This can mean defensiveness and broken promises. I have to say, I evidence these things.

This week, I ponder the affirmation:
"I follow the path of my passion and sweep aside all obstacles." May I learn from the POSITIVE aspects of Ares!
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According to my Classical Mythology Deck, one gets to know the Gods as one would a friend - by interacting with them. I have been doing this in the manner of daily votive offerings, hymns, and prayers. However, in order to go a bit deeper, today, I am going to start using this deck to further my knowledge of the Gods and concentrate on my interactions with them. It may help me learn something about myself as well.

I am going to start by using only the Olympians cards. Each week, I will focus on one God or Goddess.

This Weeks's Card:
Daughter of Zeus and Leto
Virgin Goddess
Symbols - bow and arrow, crescent moon, dogs, deer
Keyword - wildness

Artemis is commonly known as Potnia Theron (Mistress of the Beasts). She lived in forests and on mountains with the animals who roamed there. She is depicted as a wild, untamed Goddess, roaming (never staying idle - like the moon). Her main interest is the hunt. She has no pity for women who give in to love. She is rejecting of traditional roles. Artemis can be vindictive, causing many to suffer her anger. There will be punishment for any perceived disrespect of her. She is the Goddess of sudden disease and death. Festivals for Artemis included same sex worship in men and women.

Today I ponder the affirmation of Artemis:
" I embrace and learn from the untamed or unconditioned aspects of myself."


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